Because everybody ought to. That’s why.

Why have a blog?

It’s the same question people ask when they find out someone is keeping a journal (or a diary, same difference.) Why do it? Why make your private life public? Because a journal (or a diary, same difference) is by nature a private thing, unless you leave it laying around or the lock is easy enough to pick…just ask any convenient sibling…

But my private life has never been thus. Why should it be? Who am I? Well, this is me:


Quizzical look, disheveled hair and all.

And I am not a public person. No, really. I am quite shy and generally prefer to be left alone. That is, unless I am performing. And when I am performing I rend to be loud and occasionally overbearing and at times obnoxious. It’s what I do.

There is one person who knows me. That is my Favorite Wife, my one and only. She knows me. This does not mean she approves of me, only that she tolerates me as I am. Which is what I call True Love.

Anyway. This is my blog, and I will be Saying Things here that I might not say elsewhere, so if’n yer interested, keep the orbs peeled. You may see something you like. Something funny, or provocative, or annoying, or downright infuriating. I will be talking about things like writing books, reading books, racing, homelessness as a result of racing, hiking, theatre, the art and science of hollerin’, the art and science of hollerin’ in the theatre, and other Magnificent Obsessions. A whole lot of different stuff, in other words. Which is pretty much been the story of my life. In any event, you won’t be bored. That much I shall promise.

This bit of explanatory verbiage behind us, let’s us begin, shall we? You need but turn the page (metaphorically speaking, of course) to begin…jdr